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Extensive barbs AoE guide. All tips & tricks you have to know.

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Hey! As i feel this can help, and anyway someone will have to, i'll share a bit of knowledge about barbs AoE.
I won't explain the basics, youtube vids would do that better, but i'll tell you about all "enhanced" tricks i have.

Reminders about the basics here, go over if you're aware of it.

Pair & Troops counts

1st of all the pairing you use & the troops count you choose. To do huge AoE you'll have to slow down the fight to get time to reach the others barbs. So you would lower your troops count to the most appropriate. (Maybe not on LK tho :LOL:)

Because this is what you want to do. (Even more barbs left below on this log :D)

Your goal is to find the bigger barbs around & adjust your power to get him, but without killing him too fast so you can have a walk with him.
E.g with my commanders on Z3 AoE (spawn lvl 19 to 1) i pick between 50 & 70k T4 depending of the pairs i use, the time i have & the overall barbs i expect to get on this single aggro.

The pair which are relevant for barbs AoE are as 1st commander:
Lohar, boudica, richard (mix inf/defense tree), maybe belisaire (didn't tried him tho.), maybe martel (with the clover of defense tree), and minamoto but you would avoid him if you have others commanders, except maybe on the new KvK map as you'll try to get huge barbs with not enough troops to do it properly.

Richard is the best of these as you can set a numbers of troops, and with heal stay "full troops" which allow you to do the craziest AoE run of the game. And keep it controled. He miss the peacekeeper but not a big deal. He's also the slower and if it's a pros about huge pull, if there isn't much barbs around he's not the one to go.
You'll be able to do as much run as you want on the same row and keep the AP consumption lowered after the first.
Lohar the 2nd as is expertise, & decent skill heal will allow him to do ~ the same thing that richard do. He'll be my go to for smaller aggro as you don't need much time to set it up, & timewise run with his extra barbs damages so decent fight speed.
Boudica & mina still good for small AoE, and get these faster.

As 2ndary, order by quality:
Sun tzu, yi seong, mehmet, kuso, baybars.

You would use these as 2ndary and let 1st commanders with appropriate talents tree. You could use the one you want to lvl up first as it doesn't change a lot the result of the fight. Going for a legendary over sun tzu is a good choice for the high lvl barbs of the Lost Kingdom.

Tips N°0: Push the line (Following management)

To keep the barbs following your lead: First of all, rotate around it to adjust the orientation, then go "through" (walk on it) to do any move which include distance (instead e.g. pull it while you fleeing or keep it aside you). Push the lines!
You want mostly do it in 2 step each time, except if you need a little angle you can go through but a bit aside.

Stop often. Don't do long move in a single row.

Your army main target can be swapped. When you move&stop, your army will, in most cases, hit as main target the barbs with less health who's hitting you. To choose the aim, move, and keep the barbs you want to aim the lower life one of these who touch you atm (so if there is lower life around, go far enough they can't touch you for at least a turn). Once the aim target, it don't change until a barbs die or you moove. Care this can lead some barbs to flee so use it wisely.

Tips N°1: The infinite barbs loop.
a.k.a The barbs reset

Ap consumption is used when you launch a troops to a barbs. While you're fighting (main target only), if you moove and "attack" again the barbs you're already fighting it don't consume AP.
If you use a big barbs to do an AoE, kill the lower one without killing him, you'll be able to "reset" his life, and start over to aggro new lower barbs around. (A good way of doing it is to keep spawning this barbs you want to kill while you're fighting, but on Z3 next to the Lost Temple the 19 barbs you can spawn around is already a good necklace income ;))

How to do this? Quite simple. Common AoE fight, kill the lower, flee from the big one before he die, as soon as he's also fleeing (and a bit away from you so you won't "hit" him for a while) aim back on him (the slower your team is, the easier it's to do), before the fight end (Fight end is when you get the battle log). While he's fleeing (and not being hit) his life will get back full, you'll be already on the way to hit him again, without any AP consumption. Then let the thing go, wait you reach him, wait he stop mooving (you're currently hitting him mostly) and then manage him again to do more aggro.

Now you can do virtually 1 000 barbs with the same 30 AP (i already did a ~60-70 aggro this way for 40 AP with richard.). It isn't time wise as reset take time and need to manage again the barbs each time. But in some situation it's a great tools, especially when there is a big barbs and many lower one around, or it's close to your city so you can keep spawning the others to hit.

Note: Many people told me they can't find the timeframe to get back on. So here's few tips.
Be fighting a side barbs increase the timeframe to get back on, so as apply a debuff. (As the fight end on a turn where nothing happen). If you want to try it, i never tried to keep fighting the side barbs for a longer duration and get back on long time after on the "tank target". It could work.
Also you have to keep AP left to be able to "get back on" the tank barbs, even if it won't be consumed if you do it in appropriate timeframe. If you don't it will spawn the AP refill options, and lead you to miss the train.
Should use aim swap & also would get the tank fleeing by pushing him too far, it'll go ~ through you to flee so you'll see with accuracy when the fight will end and when get back in, and even chose to leave with accuracy at a time when you applied a debuff to get some ease about the timeframe.

Tips N°2: The multiple armies/players leech management.

While you're doing an AoE, your others team normally don't benefit from it. Also, in most case, if you hit with anothers army the pulled barbs, you'll steal it (so only the "new army" who hit it will get the loot).

There is few workaround to this:

_If you hit the main target of the AoE commanders, the loot is share (as it happen in no-AoE situation). Even after an aim swap (e.g when the main target die). So you can do AoE with a commanders, and kill them with others commanders following your (or someone else) main army aim.
Think once others commanders hit the barbs, manage him (without being steal) to aggro others barbs will be harder, so mostly you would aggro everything you have to, and then "kill" them with several armies. (Ap will be saved only on one commanders, but still some AP saved.)
Note: Care when you launching your commanders with the "all" selection, if you aim an aggroed barbs which is not your main target, with the commanders which already "grabbed" them with AoE, some AP might be consumed. So pick & send only the commanders who are not already fighting.

_Also, some commanders can "leech" the loot from the AoE commanders in some case:
Didn't work anymore. Could maybe still do on Karuak AoE. _~ since AoO patch, idk if it's still working as it didn't earlier (i did try this ~ november and it didn't worked), Joan (so i guess Cleo too) can do that. If she buff someone, and this "someone" kill several barbs while he's buffed, Joan will get the loot of this several barbs.
_Others AoE commanders, if they hit with AoE the "side" barbs, can sometime get the loot (even sometimes the aggro which can be an issue.) in a very random timeframe, the barbs need to die on a turn where the AoE hit (Most AoE have damage on 2/3 turns, you'll have to try if it's working about richard and baybars debuff tho.) while the barbs get at the same time a counterattack from the "main" AoE commanders.
To do it you would attack a big one and AoE the low, or on LK where there isn't such lvl differencies, weaken a first one with 1 commanders, AoE a second barb, swap main aim to that 2nd, hit that 2nd with the AoE commanders you brought, and pray they hit at the right time. (Many turn AoE like Kuso and skill/support tree would get this much easier)

Great way to mix time efficiency & AoE benefits.

Follow to the next post.
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Tips N°3: The Karuak AoE
You can do AoE with karuak monsters for two reasons, first of all, fight last long, so you can manage them all around the map for a long time to get many barbs, and 2nd they spawn in the same range low lvl barbs do (so mostly they'll spawn tightened).
Also, this is the best set up for infinite reset, also for leeching & also the best for the next tips. Transition.

Tips N°4: The rally AoE
While you pick an AoE commanders on rally (no matter which, fort, lohar, etc..) the AoE rewards you'll get if you kill side barbs will be rewarded to all people in the rally. With a single AoE set up, you can reward 200 players who joined. Which is actually one of the most time efficient tactics in the whole game (as loot/time, but you're not the one getting most of this reward. But if many people, as you, do it, you could ^^)

This is great while there is lohar event, cleo event or clarion call, as it will loot for event as if you have done standard barbs farming. (And i guess there will be more barbs event with KvK)

This fit perfectly with karuak event, as you'll be able to drag the monsters to the best position. (Even maybe to keep managing it while the rally is ongoing as long as rally isn't the tank.)
Sans titre.jpg
Here one karuak i did, too much barbs to show you the whole log but yes, the loot had been nice (Cleo event if i remember well.)

Also thieves rally can AoE others thieves (despite it's not working with summoned lohar), i didn't tried it so you'll have to think about how to do it well. But it's also a great tactics to master, which can be mixed with barbs AoE.

Tips N°5: The boomerang strategy.
While you're doing AoE, if you loose the 1st target you attacked, you'll be able to go back to attack him, as long as fight still ongoing, without any AP consumption. Sometimes, you can attack one barbs, pulling him to AoE a barb or a group or barbs which is quite far, let 1st one flee while your army kill the others, and a second before fight end "attack" the 1st you left to run back to him. This allow you to do an aggro on a much larger area (as it will flee far away, and sometimes join others barbs.)
(You'll need a slow march to do it easily.)
This one is especially relevant at LK as barbs are mostly wandering as 3. If you can pull one from a 3 group, to a 2nd 3 group, you can kill the 2nd group, then go back to first triple team without any AP consumption.
On common case barbs would flee back from where they came, but it's random, especially if you moved to different directions before it flee.

As each and every guide & tutorial i do, i will ask you to avoid spread this out of LG#, even to your side server, especially if you're a youtuber or this kind of people. Knowledge is our best weapon, and i would keep it in our hands. Anyway people will figure this soon.
I apologize for my english quality.

Have fun playing & beating these barbs!

Grith1736, a.k.a. Grith, K196, LG#1

Feel free to comments if you have any correction, argues, counter argues to suggest.
If these is worth a wooden chest, i'll be glad you give me one to allow me to spend time on this kind of content!

I'm also up for beers :whistle: 🍺
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Wouldn't you create an "all" guide sections? I don't feel like, at least, Cleo loot nor Karuak optimization are only F2P? Is it?

Maybe it is, i'm not a whale so i can't say :unsure: