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  1. DaKirch

    RSS and Speedup Calculator

  2. DaKirch

    Recruitment for Kingdom 1196

    LEGENDS GAMING Kingdom: 1196 Discord: https://discord.gg/tBxkH5A Now Recruiting **LG#1** T5 Onlu **LG#2** 30+ Mill **LG#47** 30+ Mill **LG#5** 20+ Mill **LG#6** 20+ Mill **LG#7** 20+ Mill **LG#X** 20+ Mill **LG#M** 20+ Mill **LG#D** 7+ Mill Please message @DaKirch on website or discord...
  3. DaKirch

    Passport pages required to migrate

    Credit Vixen
  4. DaKirch

    Extensive barbs AoE guide. All tips & tricks you have to know.

    Pretty sure this is the right spot
  5. DaKirch

    Rome - Scipio Africanus

    Forming a team to start tackling it
  6. DaKirch

    Rome - Scipio Africanus

    Yes just need to post them :D
  7. DaKirch

    Discord Link

  8. DaKirch

    [Unsolved] Discord Link

    Discord link https://legendsgaming.org/ewr-discord/ is not working. Currently figuring out issue. ETA: 1 to 3 days in dakirch time.
  9. DaKirch

    Rome - Scipio Africanus

    Rome Starting Commander: Scipio Africanus [Link to Guide Soon] Vital Stats: Troops March Speed increases 5% Food Gathering Speed increases 10% Infantry Defense increases 5%
  10. DaKirch

    This is the first topic of the whole website.

    Our first off topic spam! Lol
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    Beta Website

    This is the beta version of the website. We plan to load this with Guides and Content for everything Rise of Kingdoms! Also as you can see users will be able to have open discussions and ask their questions. If you notice any bugs or have any suggestions please report them here...